"Bulls eye --- very good Mathematics I am keen to receive your updates ... pls note your mathematical principle are good"  ... Amir Bhaloo 
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July 14, 2011 10:07 GMT Thursday
Take profit silver at 39.20 as we had long since 36.70 [thursday, july 14, 2011]

july 14, 2011 thursday, 10.00gmt ************** we made very well in long silver and gold spot, now time to take 95% of our profit in them take profit silver at 39.22 since we had long from 36.70 take profit gold at 1593 or 1598 since we hade long from 1550 I think silver can go up or down for now 50/50, then take all of our profit in silver first *************

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By : Mr.Tanunchai

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